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aquadynamic newAquadynamic is one of the best water workout programs out there, as it immediately provides impressive results on your body and has low risks of injury. It provides maximum calorie burning (620 calories per class!) and body-fat reduction.

The program consists of choreographed routines to music. Renewed routines and music are provided to us every three months, from Aquadynamic instructors in France.

Class duration is 45 minutes. These classes are divided in 9 parts, each with a specialized objective.

Participants are required to wear swimsuits and swim caps.




Classes Schedule:

Monday 9:15am

Tuesday 09:15 am and 06:30 pm

Thursday 09:15 am and 06:30 pm


Each person is required to have swim cap, swimsuit, poolside flip-flops and pool robe.

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